The Tour de Steamboat Biking Event

The Tour de Steamboat biking event is the non-competitive and completely supported bike ride which is held in some of the most spectacular regions in northwest Colorado – all over the Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

There are many varying route distances that are provided to challenge to everybody. The participants have the privilege to select from different routes, ranging from 25 to 40 miles and sometimes up to 110 miles. The support vehicles would be roaming and navigating all the routes – completely stocked assistance stations & would be made available alongside the routes.

The funds generated from this event, will support charity, which is none other than The Sunshine Kids Foundation – giving more quality of life to all kids who suffer from cancer. It can be achieved through giving them thrilling and positive group activities, allowing them to do the things that healthy children would do every day.

Participants who wish to purchase a bike for the event, can use the Freedom To Ride credit card on purchases of $299 or more. Upon purchase, they will be charged interest on the credit card, however, if one’s credit has taken a hit (due to overcharging or erroneous billing), they can make a Transunion Dispute Request (to fix matters).

About the Tour de Steamboat Biking Event

The Tour de Steamboat biking event is the yearly biking event which brings together thousands of cyclists, and more than thirty local (as well as, state wide) volunteers. They will all be in one place for a one day riding all over the gorgeous landscapes of Northern Colorado. When you take part in this event, you will have the chance to witness the beauty of some of the most popular places in Colorado, which includes the Rabbit Ears Pass, Yellow Jacket Pass, Gore Pass, Yampa, Stagecoach and Oak Creek. There are also four mileage choices that provides something that everyone can enjoy.

The Tour de Steamboat biking event is the non-competitive event that is open to all young and old cyclists. The participants of this biking event will be encouraged to cycle at their own pace and to enjoy the majestic setting in this beautiful part of the United States. The organization at the back of this event also provides 1st class assistance stations, support, as well as, snacks for all participants. This biking event is, likewise, an all-volunteer biking event, and all the proceeds they raise, go directly to their beneficiaries. This event is open for all cyclists who want to support the objectives of this organization, and are aiming to give back to the community.

Events like this can be cost effective, because if your favorite hobbies are expensive (like gambling or golf), you might want to consider doing something that’s a little easier on your wallet – like bike riding.
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The History

It all started at Rocky Peak Productions in 2003, as 3 local bicycle enthusiasts who attempted to make a living by simply doing what they love, which was bike riding, as well as, hosting events in order to encourage & invite cyclists of all ages to join and have fun. In 2005, they resurrected a lengthy and non-competitive street ride which was called Tour de Steamboat. This particular local biking event began in late 1970s with Kent Eriksen, who was known as a bike building star, and the event was a staple among his friends and other riders. It was in 2005 when this biking event hosted a hundred & fifty riders, and it celebrated its success with a keg of fresh beer, with a basket full of double Z BBQ.

These days, the Tour de Steamboat biking event boasts similar vintage style, coming with a few refined conveniences that include stocked assistance stations, a grand finale party with BBQ and beer, more cowbells, swag and drawings. Their beneficiaries were local charities and organizations that would benefit all participants – the proceeds would be split according to their beneficiaries.

Their original mission was to make money and then produce different cycling events through cyclists. While their small event progressed and grew consistently, they saw the major focus of their event as the catalyst to create change, and to make a huge impact, as well as, carry out something for the benefit of the community.

Knowing More about the Tour De Steamboat Biking Event

The Tour De Steamboat Biking event is among the most awaited and exciting events of the year. Would you like to be involved in this event? Well, all you need is to gather more information about it. Tour De Steamboat Biking event is a sports related event enjoyed by many people, nearly every year. If you want to know more about it then click here.

The internet has become one of the most popular sources of valuable information for nearly anything you want to know and understand. In just a few clicks, you can learn more to get started at Tour De Steamboat Biking event. Also, remember that if you want to buy accessories for the event, the Freedom To Ride credit card can get you up & running on your new bike, in no time. And while a line of credit is a convenient way to get accessories, be wary of the potential damage erroneous charges can do to your credit – you can use an Experian Dispute Request to reveal those erroneous charges.

So what are you still waiting for? Get ready to have fun and meet new people at Tour De Steamboat Biking event – this is an ultimate opportunity to get fit, have fun and show generosity to the whole community!

Drinking Apparatuses For Marathon Events

Marathon events or cycling events are typically organized and conducted for various charity purposes. Or, they can be designed for promoting a specific advocacy. The coordinators of such events are aiming to tour-de-nez-bicycle-racingprovide incentives to those whom show their support voluntarily  (be they participants or advertisers and philanthropists). How can these people be compensated for running, riding or participating in these active events? It can be cold beverages or just cold and plain water.

Providing canned soda or bottled water for all the participants could be extremely expensive throughout the event and it’s not advisable, particularly when the organizers are on a tight budget (unlike events like the NYC Bike Tour, for example). On a tight budget, using some plastic cups may be more cost-effective. Instead of individual distribution of beverages to people who are engaged in a marathon or cycling event, setting up a designated drinking station will be a great idea, while having some disposable cups nearby.

You may be thinking that disposable plastic glasses are extremely boring and plain. Well, think about it once again. With the brilliant characteristics of the plastic cups (such as being portable and simple to customize), you could really change the look of these cups into a more vibrant and fun look.

The sponsors of marathon and cycling events would be extremely delighted to see the logo of their company (or the name of the business) printed on plastic cups. This way, not only will their brand be recognized by their target market, the image of their company would be associate with the event. The plastic cups will, likewise, spare organizers from cleaning the venue once the event is over. These cups could be simply stacked together, and then disposed of – with no hassles. Also, there are some materials intended for other forms of cycling. With some personal touches, it can be very easy for you to transform these used materials into something more useful.

You will never go wrong when you go for plastic cups, instead of glassware. From the start to finish, you will always benefit from using them, provided you don’t look at them as just ordinary drinking containers.

Mountain Bike Cycling for Beginners

Tips on How You Can Get Started

Mountain bike cycling may, in fact, be a more approachable type of cycling and (without a doubt) more thrilling. It has been known to be effective when it comes to getting in shape & avoiding all the typical everyday stresses in life (and traffic). Anybody could do mountain biking, depending a level that is suitable for him or her – and one can experience the fun of the adrenaline rush it provides.

This brand of bike riding for beginners, is normally done off of the roads.  It can be done anywhere, from the country parks (which permit bikes) to the local paths & assigned cycle trails, up to those tougher trails across the world. Although, you need to be aware that when it comes to this kind of bike riding for beginners, it’s necessary to build up your skills prior to dealing with those tough and technical trails.

Most riders of mountain bikes learn and develop their skills by means of continuous practice and by watching those who rode for some time. You can also use other forms of media to learn, yet there is nothing that compares to going out with your bike – and having fun in the great outdoors. Don’t worry that you may get hurt for time to time – as this can help you learn the do’s & don’ts when it comes to riding a mountain bike.

Before you get started on practicing, you will need a standard bike, so it is important not to get too fancy when deciding the type of bike you must get. There are different types of bicycles available, differing widely in style and price. When you’re just starting, it is best to choose an inexpensive model till you earn some experience – after which, you can choose a next level bike.

If you have your mountain bike, you need to have some suitable head gear and the appropriate protective garments, when you go out and ride on it. Mountain bikers usually choose a more casual look compared to road cyclists. For instance, they usually come out in their baggy shorts. Proper mountain bicycle shorts appear the same as normal shorts – only difference being that they have a cushioned interior designed for comfort while riding.

These simple tips should be enough to help you get started in mountain biking!